Tips for Aussie Finder

Social-Media-Statistics-in-AustraliaIf you are having trouble finding someone through our Aussie Finder search engine, go through the following tips and see if they help –

1. Narrow your search with more targeted results

Use quotation marks  ”    ”  when entering names to search –  eg:  “John Smith”

          2. Make sure that the name is spelt correctly

This is without doubt the biggest issue we see. If you are not sure of the spelling of a name check out some name websites and use there search function to find out the correct/alternate ways to spell the name.

          3. Have they changed their name?

This can be a big problem particularly if looking for a woman who may of married. Where possible try to determine if there name has changed and use the new name for your search.

          4. Where do they live?

If you know where they live or where they have lived add that to the search. This can often help refine the search and in the case where there are multiple “John Smith’s” it can direct you to the correct one.

          5. Manual Search

Our search function is limited by publicly available webpages. If you can not find who you are looking for with our search bar we recommend you try the following sites as well:


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